the Cream at Vibiana

I’m over-stimulated and overwhelmed by the epic radness of the Cream. I was definitely in wedding/blogger heaven. My friend Jess and I were wide eyed and in shock of all the savory food, decadent desserts, incredible floral bouquets, lovely calligraphers, talented musicians….I could go on and on but here’s the photos. I had the time of my life! Thanks Jess for being my hot date. Your wedding is going to be FAB! *Note to self: I need more mint and navy in my wardrobe.

Gorgeous venue Vibiana
Checking in, it was wise to be a half an hour early
Representing Kelly Green!!

Sweet Lucies organic ice cream *I really would love to hire them for Liv’s birthday party*
Swag bags!!
This lady was an amazing calligrapher, she wrote Liv and my name on a gold button
This bartender was adorable…AIMEE!!
This delicious concoction was Vodka with a cucumber infused cream
Spinning the prize wheel at Kindred
I really wanted one of their awesome crowns but I got a glitter gumball
Yeah! Rentals were killing it
Pink Marais chairs!!! I need these for our dining table
This band sounded like Pink Martini and Paris Combo had a baby. Most importantly, she’s playing an accordion!!!
Me & the lovely bride-to-be
This guy was a jedi at serving cheese. He made us something that starts with a T with fresh honey, from a live beehive, grapes and flowers…so yummy!!
Really inspired to have a wine and cheese party when our kitchen is finished
I met the other half of, the lovely Kelly
The talented Son of Sharkpig & Portablesera
Scott Coopersmith Designs
This tablescape….Mint & Gold!!!
I can’t believe I ate a dandelion salad and loved it! Urban Palate was fantastic!
Minted and Vintage is a clever cake stand rental
This dining table…swoon!
I met Audrey who is super sweet and nice, from Urbanic
I have to visit her shop on Abbot Kinney
The Flashdance we meet again!
Salty caramel donuts
Instant printed Instagram photos. Genius!!
Smilebooth I am a total hot mess!
I totally made out with Ryan Gosling

ย I replaced my lost silver heart and added the minty ostrich pouf to my collection, YAY!!

I’m definitely returning next year

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