Wish I May, Wish I Might

All I do is surf bebe websites and create wishlists. I am always dreaming of lovely things from Anthropologie or etsy. I have been registered for bebe shower gifts since 2007. 80% of my friends and family do not purchase gifts from registries, they are more of the grab something out of my closet that can pass for a gift type or at the last minute $20 giftcard. In my dream world here are some shower gifts I’d love to see beautifully wrapped sitting in my living room.

1.  Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Wave Baby Brush *hand engraved*




2.  Design Within Reach Eames Molded Rocker Chair in White












3. Bundles of Burpies in Various Design from etsy.com














4. hello tree! felt pillows from etsy.com








5. Monkey Jungle Mobile by Buttercream Baby




















6. Little Lion My First Year








I need to just keep on wishing. The people I’m dealing with shop at Toys R Us and Walmart. Not talking anyone down but they just aren’t the creative, order online weeks in advance type of folks. I even have to request no clothing on our bebe shower invitations  just to spare myself from the pastels, typical insert-sports-team-here baby attire. My sister-in-law offered to throw a baby shower for me, I had to internally snort. She has been invited to 2 weddings this year, the first bridal shower she completely flaked and the second one, she showed up late. Her heart is in the right place but I couldn’t trust her to show up on time to her own funeral. I have been perusing the blogasphere and I am baffled by all the amazing nurseries I have seen. Not only that but they somehow keep the furniture on a tight budget. I have been planning our nursery since we bought this house in 2006 and I can’t keep in under $8,000! I am not shopping at Neiman Marcus either. My ultimate goal is to have our nursery featured on ohdeedoh. Ambitious, I know but my secret weapon is my artist, imaginative and more practically-minded husband. Well, tonight is finally movie night. I have been talking about Where the Wild Things Are for so long I hope I don’t end up disappointed. Oh well, if anything I will get some inspiration and I like Karen O. so I will enjoy the soundtrack.

Chanel wishes on a Coach Budget










Hasta la Pasta

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