Minty Fresh

Spring is just a week away, March 20th, also my birthday! I love the fresh flowers are blooming in our yard. This is the best time of year for our yard. We are getting new sprouts on our fig and cherry trees.

Our rainier cherry tree is starting to blossom, we hope to get a massive harvest this summer.
Blowing dandelions is her thing

I may even plant some herbs this year. We had lemon balm before and it grew nicely and smelled wonderful. Every year we plant something new, then they grow back at random times of the year. Like our snapdragon flowers are growing in our front yard but we planted them like 5 years ago. We used to have strawberries but the bugs ate them all. Any tips to keep strawberries bug free?

Our jasmine smells amazing. Go ahead, scratch and sniff!

I am in love with all this mint and navy combo I’ve been seeing in magazines and all over the land of Pinterest. Yesterday on my BFF date, I couldn’t resist this sweet pistachio bag from Target.

I normally need more room for the daily junk I carry but this guy fits my Marc Jacobs for Target pouch perfectly.

Now I’m thinking about pairing it with this ensemble. I love pullovers but I don’t have one in navy. I may take it to the ultimate nerd level and make a giant cursive L monogram *Laverne-style* for Liz. I have that striped shirt in white and it’s mega comfy, so I would like it in navy too. Spring is the best time for me to wear jeans cause when you’re Andre the giant tall, it’s nice for any fashionable reason to wear pants that are flooding *or as Gap lovingly refers to them as skimmers*

Luxlight crew pullover
Stripe-solid boatneck top
1969 always skinny skimmer jeans
Novelty ballet flats *love that these would go with everything*

Gap is having their annual Friends & Family Sale this weekend so you can save 30% off your online purchase. We have a busy weekend full of parties. Have any St. Patty’s day plans? I’ll be wearing my mint, that counts as green, right?

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