Kitchen Progress…at last!

Monday began like this…


It took 2 hours to remove our 90 year old cabinets

Awesome hole right?

Even more progress yesterday afternoon…


Oh, you beautiful drywall and 3 new electrical outlets!


Our grody ninety year old galvanized pipes were almost completely closed with gunk.


Sweet copper pipes! We got a new fancy shmancy Delta Showerhead too.
DSC_0121Our pipes to our washing machine were the worst. They were installed in reverse so when the laundry was set to use hot water, it would be cold and the cold water took hours to come out. One load of laundry would take two hours.


This may look unexciting but a majority of our remodel budget went towards new copper pipes. Our house was on it’s last leg in the plumbing department. By Thursday we should have wonderful water pressure!!
Sunday’s Ikea delivery went smoothly and we somehow managed to fit everything in the living room.

I am so excited about our dishwasher!

The delivery guys ran the boxes up our stairs like they weighed nothing. In two weeks, the new cabinets, countertop, sink, faucet and dishwasher will be installed. So far, everything is on schedule and going according to plan. *knock on wood* We had a few hiccups but nothing major. Our amazing contractor Rene told us that our floors are in such bad shape, we can’t refinish them. *Boo* So now we are getting new floors that he will install on top of the old floor. Which means I have to find new floors that look old and distressed.

This is me…

I can’t wait until I can start decorating! I found our stools at a fraction of the cost. We are still undecided on the wall paint.


I like the bright white *Marshmallow white #2 but I do agree with Antz, we may need some contrast from the white trim. I’m not sold on these colors yet, the natural looks like dirty white.

We are going to Jill’s Paint in Atwater Village this weekend to see what they have. This has been the hardest to choose so far.

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