Just a few hiccups

I am starting to believe there is no such thing as an easy peasy remodel. I am totally happy with the work, the mere speed and the compromise of our contractor, Rene. However, we have to pay an additional $400 for the wall patching/painting. To be fair, our walls feel like they have braille written on them and are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg so it’s a big job to make them appear straight.

Doesn’t it seem that most kitchens have a pastel wall color?
Smooth as butter!

Guess who still hasn’t chosen a wall color? This girl! We are going to look at a new store because I’ve exhausted every single color choice Home Depot sells. In the long run, $400 is a bargain for painting the walls *since it would take us a week and look like shit and only take them a few days* but that $400 has to come from somewhere. So it happens to be my fucking metal stools and new curtains budget!! I’m optimistic about it though, we are selling Liv’s stroller and once we do, I’ll have my $400 back for my stools and fabric for making new curtains. Yesterday I had to buy house paint since they had to cut through the wood siding to access the bathroom pipes. Yay! Another $73 on stupid paint.

Pretty incredible before and after

Today the guys are working on our fence. Tomorrow, they are installing our new hardwood floors. Somebody buy our rad stroller so I can buy my stools!!!

Our Craigslist ad

I was planning to have a much needed date night and go see Room 237 tonight with my sweetums but after playing at the Laemmele *aka the old folks movie theater* for weeks, it’s no longer playing. Boo! Maybe we’ll just go to dinner, I’ve been wanting steak and I could use a drink!

Happy Friday!!

Enjoy some Goopy rapping courtesy of My Man Michael K!

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