/ Splendid Tee Party

I have to admit, I didn’t bring my normal party girl pizazz to this event. I am pretty spent. The kitchen remodel is wearing me out and I was tired. Needless to say I did still have a rad time. I had to represent for my girls. Whoooooo!

I brought along my sister and nephew *Clinnie & Justin* We munched on yummy popcorn *from Urban Palate* and drank Honest tea. I was stoked to see Jen and Kelly and even more surprised to finally meet one of my fave Instagram friends, Elsie, in person. She was just lovely and looks amazing to have just had a baby boy last month.

Mini pom heaven
Awesome Jen & some giant dork. Yikes, remind me next time I leave the house to comb my hair!!

I was totally prepared to buy a set of poms for my shoes but they gave me a pair. HIGH FIVE!! My new Loly in the sky loafers made their debut all dressed up with my new poms. I was flattered to pose for a few ladies at the party *look out in the blogosphere for my feet*

“hello sunshine!”

They really know how to make a girl happy. Even my superman showed his pom love.

We headed over to West Elm to pick up a rug for the kitchen *the last one in stock and was on sale too* Liv showed off her modeling moves.

She’s wearing her Misha Lulu dress, a dotted cardigan from BabyGap, a pink heart and her converse
I promise I never taught her these Supermodel moves!
Liv is really the only thing that makes this almost 13 year old guy smile like this!

Teen angst! I wish I took more photos but like I said, I was uncharacteristically tired last night. It was really hard to not buy a million tees and cute dresses for Liv but I am in kitchen stealth mode at the moment and my credit card has been put inside a block of ice.

I am so happy about the + Splendid collaboration. In case you wanted to attend they are going on a Tee Party tour. Any tees you buy you get a second one for half off.

San Jose, CA – May 18

Palo Alto, CA – June 8
Skokie, IL – June 29
Dallas, TX – July 13

Be sure to check out their Instagram @shopbando and #teesnpoms. It’s almost the last Office you guys!!

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