Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Today was epic. I am pleased to announce our cabinets have been installed in our new kitchen. I wish I could share the photos but please hold your horses until the grand reveal *we’re looking at next Thursday*


So far this process has been relatively stress-free. We did go over budget a tad, but we also saved money unexpectedly. Now, by all means, I did have my share of stressing out, for instance, the floor guys almost made me cry but I’m happy with the end result and I spazzed out more than necessary.


Sorry for all the Ron Burgundy memes but I love that guy *and I’m looking forward to the sequel*

I’ve got to head to Home Depot and Ikea now. I’m looking forward to Mum’s day this weekend and finally having a functioning kitchen next week. YAY!!!

You stay classy San Diego!

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