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Rene the Incredible Contractor

I am so lucky to have found Rene. He’s so unique, does fantastic work and is pretty much too good to be true. I have worked with other contractors before and the relationship has always felt constrained. Of course things go wrong during a project which is common but the way they are handled really shows you the character of the guy you hired. I couldn’t speak more highly of my experience working with Rene. It’s awkward having strangers in your house for weeks a time but I always felt comfortable with him. He was easy to talk to and when I brought up any concerns he was quick to reassure me. He also returned our calls and texts quickly *something other contractors seem to have a problem doing* I hope to hire him to fix our foundation next.

Today he stopped by to finish one last project for us this morning and I *forced* him to take a few photos in the new lovely kitchen.

If we ever decide to start a band, we have our album cover right here!
He’s stuck with us now!
Happy new flowers in the kitchen
We took a few family shots together too but I couldn’t get the remote to focus. Liv adores Rene!

He invited us to his house for a BBQ and swimming next month. What a great guy! Thanks so much Rene, we love our new kitchen!

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