We attended Liv’s future lycée’s annual fundraiser for their senior class prom. The students came up to us to thank us for coming and helping with their prom fund but they first asked which do we prefer, English or French? *swoon!* We got name tags that said we were future a future family so a number of people introduced themselves to us and welcomed us. Of course, the first question everyone asks is, “Do you speak French?” It pained me having to say no to all these awesome French speakers. Yet hearing the little ones speaking French as easy as English was so inspiring. We hung out with a family from her current school, who have a prospective student too. I feel so at home there, very warm and friendly people.

I am hoping she is able to attend this amazing school
Class of 2028!!
French circus in LA
All the signs were in French, so adorable!
This *unflattering* photo is the head of school, her name is Elizabeth *it’s a sign, right?* and she is the smartest woman I’ve ever met.
I LOVE this Mexican dress from Godmommy *crossing this off on my Summer Bucket List*

I was blown away by the event. There were bands performing in French, a petting zoo, food and tons of wine and the bubbles were a big hit…

Honestly, I was a bit bummed adults couldn’t do it too *although I’m not sure I would have fit inside*
Rouleaux de Spheres Humaines which Google translates to Rolls Human Spheres!
We weren’t sure she would go inside the bubble, she kept saying, “My dress will get wet.”
This little one was fascinated by the bubble
At first she was apprehensive
Liv had so much fun, it was worth the hour long wait.
mon chat mignon
This lovely lady in red is Jenny Eloise. I had to meet her when she caught me snapping a photo of her. She told me she needed to pose for a proper photo, si fabuleux! She performed before we arrived but I know I’ll see rad Jenny again one day soon.
She was grumpy since we were leaving

I’m so glad my Mom was able to check out Liv’s future school. She loves it and we can’t wait until Olivia is speaking French. I really need to step my French up, Olivia will need someone to speak to when she’s at home, oui?

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