Kanye/Wes Anderson Mashup

Okay, by now you know how much I lurve Mr. Wesley Anderson. I own almost all of his amazing films and have all the soundtracks in heavy rotation on my ipod but I’m not so much a fan of kanye *I find him and his girlfriend obnoxious, narcissistic and angry*. As much as I dislike the guy, he is featured everywhere, on songs I love with Jay Z, on my favorite birthday/BFF song and now he’s on this rad tumblr, Kanye Wes. I am compelled to like it because yeezus’ lyrics and the images are a collaboration made in heaven. Please do enjoy.


Team Zissou - Kanye Wes by Phil Howell 

Royal Tenenbaums - Kanye Wes by philhowelldesign

Rushmore - Kanye Wes by Phil Howell

Kanye west (wes) Fantastic Mr. Fox by www.philhowelldesign.com

Moonrise kingdom Kanye West by Phil Howell  
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Moonrise Kingdom / Gold Digger
H/T @MaryWuliger
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Monster
H/T @feringlourious
Bill & Wes / Made in America
Moonrise Kingdom / Chain Heavy
The Life Aquatic / Bittersweet Poetry
Rushmore / Niggas in ParisMoonrise Kingdom / Birthday Song
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Good Life
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Runaway
The Royal Tenenbaums / PowerThe Royal Tenenbaums / No Church in the Wild
Fantastic Mr. Fox / H.A.M.Moonrise Kingdom / Runaway
Fantastic Mr. Fox / Gold Digger
The Life Aquatic / See Me Now


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