Misha Lulu Fall/Winter 2013

Slowly but surely the lovely photos from the Misha Lulu Fall/Winter 2013 photo shoot have been appearing in online shops. The line isn’t officially released yet but you can pre-order pieces. My friend Gracie has an amazing shop, go take a peek. I’ll wait!

Ave Mae & Ruby Lu Vintage *named after her sweet girls*

Jessie Kenney is incredible!

 I love both these outfits, she really looks like a model!

I have my eye on a few things for Liv’s new year in pre-school.

Image of Misha Lulu Velvet Cape
Misha Lulu velvet cape
Image of Winter Forrest Dress Misha Lulu Fall 2013
Winter Forrest dress
Image of Misha Lulu Pre Sale Hello Kitty Ginger dress
Hello Kitty Ginger dress


Image of Black Swan Tee by Misha Lulu
Black Swan tee
 Here’s some more behind the scene photos from the shoot that I can now show you!!

Liv was chatting with Jessie the photographer about the peacocks on the grounds
Off to the set
She loved playing with the other girls
The cape and dress is so adorable!
Liv is such a character!
 Image of Misha Lulu Yummy HK Long Sleeve T-shirt


I can’t tell you how welcoming and sweet everyone in the Misha Lulu family has been to us. If you have little girls, check out Misha Lulu, I couldn’t recommend this rad line more!

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