Donuts are all the rage!

Cupcakes are soo last year, now donuts are the newest dessert craze in particular, the cronut! Created by Dominique Ansel in his bakery in New York, it has become an overnight sensation. Even celebrities *ahem, or their nieces* can’t get their million dollar hands on them.

The original Cronut

Los Angeles has the West Coast version called Crö-dough at Rockenwagner Bakery on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Last night we left the house too late to score one. Then I remember seeing a cro-nut on my Instagram feed so we were stoked to discover the bakery that made them was close by and open 24 hours!

We headed to Santa Monica Blvd and arrived at DK Donuts & Bakery. This place is donut heaven. They have every donut you have ever imagined and then more. There was so many flavors, varieties and the aroma was mouth-watering. We were knee deep in fat people food porn!

I had the Maple Bacon Bliss O’nut and Antz had a plain glazed O’nut, Liv had a pink sprinkles *cause you know this kids loves pink!*Don’t blame me if you find yourself driving over there tonight at 10pm, I warned you! It was sooo worth the long ass drive to Santa Monica. It’s good DK’s is so far away so it will be an once in a while treat… 

B U T… this week a new donut place is opening on York in Highland Park so we are gonna be in donut paradise.

Opening this week

Donut Friend is adjacent to the hip ice cream place, Scoops. We’ve been walking past it since February with curious glances and hoping it will meet our high expectations. The owner is a musician and he sounds pretty rad. I like the idea of building your own donut and he takes donut flavor suggestions. With all the donut buzz and York Blvd popularity, I don’t doubt there will be a long line at this place all the time.

*UPDATE: If you looking to get your donut fix, here’s a map of all the places in Los Angeles that are making them.

Happy Eating!

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