Happy Happy One Thousandth post!!

I can’t believe it! I am expecting balloons and confetti to fall from the ceiling. To mark this literary occasion, here’s some photos from our labor day weekend. We spent most of our time at home enjoying our little air conditioned bungalow *it was over 100 degrees this weekend!*.

I can’t believe I’ve lived in this house for almost 8 years and this is the first photo of me sitting on my porch
And of course Olivia is trying to make me laugh!
Liv is loving her new ballet and hip hop class!
She’s one of the youngest in the class but still taller.
Her teacher Anna Maria is so RAD! Liv is so much more focused and follows the choreography so well.
The class begins a half hour later now, so I get to sleep in a bit later, Yay!
Antz and I made a “lady rainicorn” piñata for Liv. 
Liv helped out too
It was simple to make, but tedious
Super cute, huh? We won’t break this guy.
We totally copied the design from Whack Piñataria. She is a piñata-making GENUIS!

This has become a disturbing, major addiction in our house.

Candy Fucking Crush!!

If we are friends on Facebook, please send me some lives. I’ve been stuck on this level for weeks!

Summer seems to always fly by in a blink of an eye. Despite the unbearable heat, I love the long sunny days, less traffic and tons of fun things to do. I didn’t finish everything on my summer bucket list but I can always extend it into September.

  1. As always, Beach days!
  2. Last year we didn’t make it to a concert at the Hollywood bowl, so I’m super stoked to see Björk at the Bowl June 11th!! *Björk was AMAZING!!*
  3. Attend Liv’s school Summer Masquerade Serenade *We had a wonderful time*
  4. Grill this!!     
Rosemary and beef kebabs

    5.  Have a family BBQ *we went to Leslie & Stephen’s annual BBQ*
    6.  Braid my hair  *Done.

        7. Go to Disneyland *for Liv’s 3rd Birthday

         8.  Have dinner at Knotts Berry Farm.  *I love their biscuits with Knott’s jam*
         9.  Attend Tom & Jess’s beach wedding in July *Done*

        10. Attend the Renegade Craft Fair *Done*
        11. Have a friends BBQ *and make a signature cocktail*
        12. Cook at least 5 recipes from my Pinterest board *and use my new crock pot*
        13. Take Olivia to see Monster’s University
        14. Stage an intervention for Amanduh Bynes *next it’s Miley’s turn *
        15. Buy this adorable sun hat for me, a Mexican dress for Olivia and Antz could use
              new sunglasses too!

      16.  Go bike riding on the Strand

Bonus: Swim/tan as often as possible! *we swam a bunch this summer and got golden tans*

Tomorrow Liv begins a new school year. We are so excited for her to be a big yellow dragon!

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