Story & Chris’ Baby Shower

Whew, this weekend flew by! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We took an uneventful trip to Big Bear. There was rain but no snow and everything was closed. We did have a delish turkey dinner and we have tons to be grateful for.

Yesterday my friends Jes, Nic and I hosted a baby shower for Story & Chris. It was so much fun! Not everyone on our guest list could make it since it was a holiday weekend but all my favorite people came and we had a great time. Many hugs and thanks to Nic & Jes for helping me host and making Story so happy.

Antz made these awesome shower invites
I am so proud of my amazeballs cheese platter
We bought a delish almond cake from Brown Box Bakery *Leslie & Connie’s bakery*
I made cucumber, rosemary and lemon spa water
Jes made this rad record cupcake stand *I love it!!*
Jes painted this pram black and we served drinks out of it
This girl loves deviled eggs
Our gift to baby Veda

Ale proudly shows his clothespins
We played the Poop diaper game *it was hilariously gross*
Smell that poop!
We have a winner!
Liv made a new friend
Best baby shower card ever!!
Happy Shower my friends!

I know my last few posts have been me complaining. I’m definitely in the works of fixing that. I have been bummed since my laptop is always giving me trouble but I found a solution. It’s going to take a few weeks to get it all taken care of. I’m super happy because I am going to take an e-course this month at Pugly Pixel. I love blogging but it is quite frustrating that I know nothing about web coding or html junk. I can’t afford a  fancy class like Blogshop *hopefully one day I will* This course will help me figure out how to size my photos, basic coding, add awesome fonts and use Photoshop. Once I get my computer running better, I can start using Photoshop more in my posts. I’m so excited!

My goal is to learn enough so by the new year I can redesign my blog. I want to fix all the wonky issues *Antz has let me know that my suggested posts are dead links* and have it running smoothly for 2014. I also hope to go back to having more monthly features *Mix Tape Fridays/Want/Need/Wear/Read* and post my holiday shopping/wishlist guides. I would love feedback from my lovely readers. I hope to grow Violently Happy into a place where folks visit and want to stay a while.

Today we are putting up the Christmas lights and maybe tonight we’ll pick up a little tree for Liv. I hope you all have a FABulous December!!


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