Olivia’s Christmas Show

Jingle Bells, kids crying on stage, parents frantically taking photos of their kids, Santa hats and handmade costumes…yep all those delightful memories of school holiday performances.

Allow me to geek out over my new lovely dress first. It’s fitted/cut like a 1950’s cocktail dress so much so, I felt like I needed a martini, a Phillip Morris cigarette & gloves and a silly hat á la Lucy Ricardo. The best part of all are the pockets! All dresses, skirts, every single article of clothing needs pockets. I am so freaking excited about finally having pockets on a dress.

Dress from ModCloth, Bag from Target, Furry pouf and Ciao barrette from Ban.do and shoes from Seychelles.
I’m pretending I’m not freezing my ass off while waiting in line for good seats

Liv’s class sang Christmas Don’t be Late

Here’s my tall cutie singing along with her class.


That’s Maximo on the mic, he was not messing around!

“Hi Daddy!”

Mr George requested anything Steelers and Mrs. Chrissy is a makeup addict *makeup rules!* so Liv got her a gift card from Sephora

Liv made a Christmas present for us at school but we are waiting to open it. I really hope it’s plane tickets to Paris!!

She’s been practicing writing her name all week
Liam is Liv’s #1 BFF *although it changes just about everyday*

After the show we went to lunch with Liv’s Grandma at the York.

Another year of holidays at her preschool are over in a flash. I hope Liv has memories of her incredible school, all the teachers and her friends.

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