Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market 2013

Okay, last weekend it was freezing cold, raining cats and dogs, yet today it was scorching hot. I was all bundled up and looking forward to wintery weather today. We took the train to downtown LA and bumped into our friend Connie on the way to the Renegade Craft Fair.

Guess what? It’s fucking HOT!!
Hi Connie!
This bus was so rad! I want to drive it across country like the Partridge Family. It looks like I used a retro filter but this bus has such a cool vibe, it turned out looking vintage on it’s own.
Can you spot the pyschopath onboard the Looksy bus? I was nerding out.
You had me at…
Tall enough for my giant stature and soo many goodies inside!
I came very close to buy a bunch of these cute earrings but I lose them so often.
The owner of the shop asked to take Liv’s picture
The Library Store *por Aleida!!*
Hey Story!!! Yetis & Friends
Chalkboard BANNERS!!! I just may have to order this for Liv’s birthday
Alexis Mattox Designs
A Tiny Arrow
As much as I tried, I couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to buy one of these for Liv
I just know one day she’ll be in a situation where a 1920’s flapper is needed and she won’t have the proper feather headband!
Great name, Precious Beast! *I love names that are sweet mixed with rough*
Front Porch Pops
Easiest way to make a hot three year old happy
I get tempted every time by terrariums but ours died within a month so we passed
The Terrarium shop by Urban Anonymous
I really think Baby Veda needs this fox in her nursery!
Janie xy
These Red Panda sunglasses were so adorbs!
Hubba hubba hunk!
We just weren’t ready to part with $80 from our wallet for shades

Paper Pastries
Cute bags from Vaalbara
Me and this necklace fell for each other
But he totally broke my heart and didn’t even tell me his name!

Bad Pickled Tees
Rad Year One Surfboards
L. Makai freeway necklaces
I’ve been a fan of Nan Lawson’s art ever since I bought my Steve Zissou brooch  *which did I tell you? I accidentally put in the laundry so it’s faded now
Fantistic Monsieur Renard
Upper Metal Class
Antz & Liv made a silk screen t-shirt.

It was easy peasy
Princess Bratface’s silhouette
#Selfie of a person born in the 1900s!

The highlight of going to the craft fair for the past three years has been buying rosemary almond candy from the P.O.P. Butter candy booth. Guess who wasn’t there this year? Bummers! At least we know to find them on Sundays at the Mar Vista farmers market if we really want some.

We did get our annual Magnolia photobooth picture.

QFPseA on
 Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I decided to buy one item I really, really wanted rather than a bunch of little impulse buys.

Nan Lawson Margot & Ritchie tote

I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Here’s a complete list of talented vendors for those I’ve missed. Thank you for another inspiring, fun craft fair.

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