Hello There 2014

Well, now that you’re here, let’s do this!


I feel really motivated and I feel full of energy to do big things this year. Even though I’m still experiencing technical hiccups *it’s too long and boring a story but my Time Capsule still isn’t doing it’s job a month later!* I am determined to fill my brain with CSS/Photoshop and all the stuff most folks spend thousands to learn in college during the next thirty days. I have always had an interest in graphic arts. I love pretty fonts, stationery, handwriting, and packaging. I took graphic arts class in high school but was distracted by a dumb boy who wasn’t worthy of my affection. When I was in 4th grade in Catholic school, we had a friar *like this dude* come to our class and give us an old school calligraphy class. I swear I was the only one actually excited about learning fancy cursive. I would practice everyday.


I will be calling Apple again and hopefully straighten it out once and for all. I honestly wonder what the big time bloggers use to store all their photos and files. Dropbox was a suggestion but it would cost a fortune to hold 100 GB of data annually. The last guy I spoke to at Apple suggested I just buy a desktop computer so I am considering it in a few months. I know that using a Mac Air as my primary computer is like trying to fit all the junk in my backpack into a tiny clutch purse. I like the storage capacity of a Mac Mini but I’m better off just getting an iMac desktop.

I like the slim features but I’m not a sit at a desk type of girl. I love the mobility of my Air but after two years of having storage issues, I am ready for a change. While I’m at it why not upgrade to Photoshop CS6 and put all my new skills to good use!

I will be taking my seriously ill Nikon D3000 in for service and cleaning. I have been thinking about buying this external flash since lighting makes a photo pop. I am so done with dark, blurry photos and apologizing for how awful they look on my blog.


I plan to clear out my closet *for real this time, take every single thing out and PURGE!* so it’s not so cluttered in my tiny space *this is my inspiration*. I would like to get an estimate from Rene to make some lovely built-in shelves in the living room. My Mom-in-law, Maria and I are going fabric shopping and I’m going to replace the curtains in the living room and bedroom. I am also having the bathtub and shower wall glazed white so I will be rid of that awful dusty rose in our bathroom.

We have holes in the tile from our old shower knobs that need repair


All I can say is Paris in 2014, this is the year for France!

We are applying for Olivia’s passport!!


It’s time to start moving. I am starting a new Tuesday routine of walking after I drop Liv off at school. I would also love to grow my hair long enough to braid it like this. I am a big Rubi Jones fan. Her blog has gorgeous hairstyle inspiration and easy to follow tutorials.

She lets her hair down

I’m living la dolce vita so it’s time to embrace my girliness! I hope these pretty pieces will soon to live in my freshly cleaned-out closet. I’m totally going through a Grace Kelly phase. Midi length are my new favorites and the Bea & Dot line makes beautifully cut dresses for us tall and curvy girls with pockets! It’s a match made in heaven.

Posh at the Party Dress - Floral, Cocktail, Holiday Party, Vintage Inspired, 50s, Fit & Flare, 3/4 Sleeve, Exclusives, Cream, Black, Woven, Long, Pockets
Posh at the Party dress


Greeting of the Minds Dress by Bea & Dot - Private Label, Woven, Mid-length, Red, Solid, Ruffles, Casual, A-line, Long Sleeve, Better, Crew, Pockets, Exclusives
Greeting of the Minds Dress
Lovely sandals from swedish hasbeens. Perhaps next summer...
Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandal
Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Midi Skirt With Pleats
Midi Skirt with pleats
Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Lace Skater Dress With Pleat Detail
Lace Skater dress *this one is pretty short but I am in love with lace dresses thanks to Aimee*
Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Shift Dress With Lace Hem
Shift dress with lace hem more lace!!


Image 3 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Sweat With Lost In Paris Print
Lost in Paris Sweater too cute to pass up


I am open to learning. I am eager to learn new skills, meet new people, try new things and eat new foods. I would love to take a few workshops for fun

Saturday, January 18, 2014 3PM - 6 PM: 21st Century Calligraphy Workshop with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

I am in the middle of reading “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” and I’m finding so many similarities between myself and the title character that it shocked me. It’s like seeing myself from another person’s perspective and I’m ready for change. I am happy to say after 36 years of silly notions, I have finally eaten authentic French food. I mentioned last weekend *I finally updated the photos* we went to dinner with Liv’s Godparents at a fantastic restaurant in the Arts District called Church and State.

Leslie & Stephen gave Liv this adorable Doc McStuffins doll, somebody is happy happy!
My coq au vin sans onions was incredible!
Such a hard choice to make for dessert
How could I resist this tarte a chocolate?
My darling chose profiteroles

You may think I played it safe but I am so bland in my taste buds that going outside of my comfort zone is quite a big step for me. Let me remind you I ate at McDonalds every day while we were in Italy.

Just Do It!

Leslie said this to us during our lovely French dinner and I felt it. I am so ready for whatever comes my way. We have goals we are hoping to accomplish that seem impossible, uncertain and so far, I’ve gotten a few no’s for an answer but that’s not stopping me. I will find a way. I have been told no in the past and it may have taken longer, and more tears were shed but in the end, I got my yes.


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