CSS Pretty E-course by Pugly Pixel

You guys,

I am in blogger heaven! I am loving the CSS Pretty ecourse taught by Katrina at Pugly Pixel. She is a great instructor! Katrina moves at a pace that allows me to keep up and with every step, I am making changes to my blog *what do you think, so far?*

I highly recommend the CSS Pretty course for blog newbies. I *half-assed* started my blog in 2008 with zero coding skills so if you go way back in my archives, you can see how wacky my layout looks. I have learned how to add buttons on the top, how to place images, playing around with new fonts and designing my own custom layout. This class is so fun, I am so stoked!


I’ll continue making changes here and there. I am working on a new title header this weekend. Happy Friday!!

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