Misha Lulu Spring Line 2014

The greatest children’s line designer in the world, Karen, asked Olivia to be a part their Spring 2014 photo shoot today. Guess where it took place??

That skirt is FABulous!!

Yep, my backyard! I can’t wait to see how the photos turned out but for
now, here’s the behind the scene shots. I am so lucky rustic is in style
because our backyard was a source of spring inspiration for Karen & her
husband Joe.

 Update: Karen posted these photos of Liv on Instagram.

You know how you meet people and you get a first impression? I met Karen a year ago and I was like, I’m gonna fall in love with her. She’s a true beauty inside and out. I am really happy we are friends. She also makes rad clothes for kids that are whimsical, fun and nice quality. I’m fully endorsing her for all you parents with 12 months – size 10 little people.

Misha Lulu

 She is having a sale in her surplus store!!

Of course Liv was an old pro, she rocked the shoot and was super stoked to wear pink heart shaped sunglasses *I gotta buy her a pair* Karen and Joe generously gave Liv a gift of clothes which is so awesome because I’ve been wanting pieces from the winter season!

Nino tunic
Dial Hello dress
I adore this Swan shirt

So rad, just when I think my kid can’t get any cooler. Tomorrow is gonna be fun, Tom Kenny is coming to her school for a special performance. I hope to get him on video doing Ice King’s voice!


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