Lovely Lavender

It’s been years since I’ve colored my hair. Like pre-bebe, before Mark invented the Facebook, back in the old MySpace days.

I was a former purple nurple

I was always coloring my hair in beauty school, often experimenting with Manic Panic crazy colors which was fun for a day then it became tedious to keep the color vivid *re-coloring every few days*. It also sucked having all the collars on my clothes, towels, my pillow cases, even my car seats covered with hair color. I think it’s a sin against nature to have bright colored hair that isn’t maintained. I knew I wanted a pretty color without all the hassle so extensions was the best option. I love the idea of starting with a white base which is the best result for a bright pastel color. I was concerned the white would absorb the color and end up looking too grape so I added clear color to the lavender for balance and shine.

You can see how much color change happens with just five minutes of processing. The result makes me so happy. You would think my random patches of gray hair are intentional. I love silver foxes!

Thank you Kelly Osbourne for the lavender inspiration

My hair has been behaving lately, thanks to my two favorite products.

My go-to everyday shampoo & conditioner for my chemically processed hair is Joico K Pak Reconstruct. The shampoo is clarifying without stripping my hair’s natural oil and it definitely cuts down on the frizz. I don’t apply anti-frizz anymore because it usually has alcohol in it which makes my hair limp. Don’t mess with my volume, dude! I like that the conditioner has a pump *because I use a shit load* it smells like bananas to me and it doesn’t weight my hair down. The best thing is the size of these guys, I buy the 33 oz bottles which last me like six months.

My second genie in a bottle is my liquid gold, *the original* Moroccan oil. When I curl my hair, I don’t use hair spray. I know it’s against the law of hair stylists but I use it on everyone except myself. I have tried every brand and have yet to find a hair spray that holds my curls without making my hair crunchy or sticky. I use this stuff sparingly and run it through my hair with my fingers starting from the back to front so I don’t overload on my bangs. No matter what texture your hair is, this stuff will make a difference on your wig.

Oh, I almost forgot, about every three months I slap on this intense hydrating hair mask overnight. My hair gets super dry and I am constantly frying it with my flat iron so I put it on after a shower and sleep with a shower cap.

Really attractive for my husband!

You lovelies have any hair products you swear by? I take a daily multivitamin and biotin in an attempt to make my hair grow. I see a tiny bit of growth but I am so ready for it to be past my shoulders!

Last weekend at the Dumb Starbucks in Los Feliz

2 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. I love your color extensions! I have been wanting a blue streak for ever, but I keep chickening out because I think I am probably too old…but then I think I should just go for it, before I get older. Can you tell I am conflicted? Anyways, I love what you did!

  2. I am old as dirt and I love my lavender locks. Clip-in extensions are the best thing in the world because they don't require commitment and I can take them out at night. I'm one of those sleepers that can't have anything tight in my hair at night *hair bands, curlers* I wake up looking like a yeti!

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