Away we Go!

We arrived in London after a wonderful, fun flight with Virgin Atlantic. 

Smell ya later USA!
Ready to fly Antz?
Wait, shouldn’t this say first class?
Liv was so happy to wear her Michael Jackson top *an early birthday gift from her Ninos*


No one would suspect these happy shoes to be naughty
Yay! Time for $5 airport bottled water
That is quite the nose on you airplane
Where are you guys headed?
Is it time to go yet??
Elsa declares it was Princess boarding time


Here’s an important travel tip for your next flight. ALWAYS bring a gift for the flight attendants. I gave ours some fancy chocolates and they were stoked! Guess who was showered with extra in-flight goodies and given special treatment?
These guys!
And Olivia was incredible during the whole flight. She happily chewed her bubble gum *from her Godmommy Aimee* and she wasn’t scared during take off at all. Meanwhile, I had a tad bit of airline anxiety.
Nothing drinks won’t fix, Thanks Johanna!!
Goodbye Malibu!
Liv really enjoyed reading her new Frozen book. She kept herself occupied for most of the flight
Harry & Wills chose the beef stew for dinner
When you order lemonade in the UK, you’re getting a Sprite in disguise
I normally loathe airplane food but Virgin really steps up their service
Time for a Plane Pony Party!
Who’s ready for Europe??!! HELL YEAH!
Sleepy Panda
Woke up just in time to say Hello to Björk’s hometown!
Wow! Glasgow
All the flight attendants loved this kid
Thanks for getting us there safe and sound!

We took the Heathrow Express train to Paddington Station. I highly recommend spending the extra $10 for a less stressful and faster option for getting into London.

The train wasn’t crowded at all and we were able to put our luggage on a rack. We zipped into Central London in fifteen minutes.


This was my first time in a London train station, so I was in awe of everything

Paddington Station was so charming, I wanted to stay there for hours taking more photos but we had to rush to pick up our car rental. Holy shit, driving on the left in London was CRAZY!! It really takes some getting used to driving on the left side of the street and I only drove on the wrong side of the street once. A lovely group of guys outside of a pub yelled “WRONG WAY!” just before traffic killed us.

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