First Day of French School 2014

I can’t believe it’s finally here. Two years on a waiting list. Driving past the campus thinking to myself, “One day my little girl will go to that school” and yesterday was the big day. I will not mention the crippling traffic *two streets on our route were blocked* we encountered which almost gave me a heart attack. However we made it just in time and Liv is a happy pre-schooler *for the third time* at her lovely new school. You can see her first school days here and here.

I really love her Fjallraven Kånken backpack and her Misha Lulu Apple skirt just perfect for the first day of school.
What a difference from her first day of school two years ago!!

Liv’s classroom has this cool white board which is pretty much a giant computer screen. They use them for everything and it’s really impressive. I wish I could hide in her cubby and learn French too!
Story & Chris brought Liv this sheep from their trip to New Zealand. I’m so curious to how they get the kids to take a nap since Liv only takes naps at home when she has worn herself out from playing all day.
The teachers go by first names
I’ve requested that Liv’s teacher only speak French to me!

Antz and I give each other high fives all the time for making this happen. I am writing a post detailing our school search and the admission process soon. Happy Back-to-school!!

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