Picnic at Barnsdall Park

Liv’s new French school had a picnic at Barnsdall Park for the Pre-Kindergarten class. It was a lovely afternoon. We met so many nice people. I feel so fortunate to send Olivia to such an esteemed and diverse school with really cool kids. Liv really hit it off with an older girl who taught her how to do a handstand. I have been saving my Oh Joy for Target party stuff for just the right occasion. I didn’t take that many photos because I was too busy running my mouth!

So excited to finally use my Oh Joy for Target picnic basket
Olivia’s new classmate, also named Olivia!
Such a perfect view
We made a drink with pomegranate juice, lemonade and sprite
Liv is super stoked to start school next week

The first day of school is coming up soon. Si excité!

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