Liv’s Photo Shoot with Jess Koehler

Our kid is going through a major growth spurt. I mean, we just bought her new school shoes in September and she already has outgrown them! I went up a size for her Saltwater sandals, Converse and Vans in size 10s and she’s already fitting size 13! She is four and a half. I am concerned that she will be wearing adult sizes by first grade. Since I was updating her wardrobe *she outgrew all her Misha Lulu dresses and jeans over the summer* I decided to have some new photos taken while I’m at it. I reached out to a photographer I’ve been a huge fan of, the talented Jess Koehler. Jess is amazeballs! She and Liv got along fabulously. I took a backseat and left them alone to do their thing. I always get goosebumps seeing my kid work her magic in front of the camera. I am blown away by Jess’s photos.

Here’s all the shots I managed to sneak during the shoot.

I spent the past weekend searching for vintage oxfords for Liv. We scored this pair of awesome boys saddle shoes at Wee Soles *which is sadly closing* I love these pom pom tights I bought from Ladida.
It was so much fun playing stylist for the shoot
How rad are these dalmatian boots by Anais and I?? I’m telling you, my kid is so much more chic than me.
I accidentally styled Liv in a Scandinavian inspired look. Her embroidered shift dress is from Gap Kids *however sold out in girl sizes*. I also got this amazing sweater on sale which I am so jealous isn’t in my size!

Jess was a dream to work with, she so gets us, our aesthetic and sense of humor!
It was such a coincidence that the shoot happened to be on National Cookie day!

 Have you ever met a four year old who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies? Well, Olivia has made it clear she only eats white chocolate ever since we bought white chocolate petit écolier cookies in Paris. White chocolate also happens to be my favorite but I can’t seem to find those cookies with white chocolate in the States. So most of these cookie biting photos were staged.

 I’m so excited to see the photos next week. I can’t believe how super fast this year has been. The saying is so true, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I couldn’t be more happy and grateful for these moments.

Antz and I took some photos of Liv trying out her new Misha Lulu dresses in the backyard. This is definitely my favorite line of Karen’s and they are still available on her site

Misha Lulu Nancy Drew dress/Vintage Hat from my new favorite store The Left Bank/Striped Tights and saddle shoes from Wee Soles
Misha Lulu Eddie dress/Knee socks from Target/Borrowed Mom’s glasses

So many fun holiday events are happening. I hope I have time to blog about everything! Happy Holidays guys.

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