Geronimo Confetti Surprise

I mentioned on Instagram that our Thanksgiving morning was pretty rad. Last week I got a text from my friend Jihan from Geronimo Balloons inviting us to a secret event.

She mentioned to wear clothes that can get dirty so my mind was swimming with messy scenarios: a massive food fight, paintball or even a secret graffiti party a là my hero Banksy! We arrived under a bridge in a part of downtown that I’ve never been before. We introduced ourselves to everyone and made our guesses at what was happening next. We all got in our cars and followed Jihan down a dark, scary tunnel (very dramatic) what happened next was pretty amazing…

What awaits us down this tunnel?
I’ve never been up close to the magnificent Los Angeles river
I love the architecture of this bridge

Jihan divided us into teams to compete Hunger Games style to fight to the death
First game; Pom Pom Passing, pretty hilarious (looks so pervvy)

My yellow team crushed the blue team 6 – 4!
Next up was some firecracker races (I didn’t get any photos) and Lastly was the main event… a fantastic confetti war!

We sprayed out ponchos with glue to ensure confetti insanity
Let’s say I was a confetti casualty
So glad we drove Antz truck

I kinda want to have a confetti fight everyday!
Confetti angel

It was really difficult to get Liv out of the confetti zone!

The “river” is surprisingly clean!

We then toasted our victory with lox, bagels and water

Merci Jihan, for unknowingly making one of my dreams come true!

Huzzah! What a great way to start the day. I can’t wait to find out what this incredible lady comes up with next.

PS Please don’t have a cow, the event was permitted by the city and we took care of cleaning!

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