The Orange County Fair

It seems we have started a summer tradition of going to the OC Fair. We bought our tickets early in June however my poor Antz came down with a horrible cough after we went to San Diego for ComicCon. So, we had to postpone our day at the fair until he was feeling better. It actually worked in our favor since we had a brutally hot July, we chose a Friday in early August to go.

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She’s tall enough to ride alone now!!

ffc9c-img_7215 e86a6-img_7216 d02ea-img_6029 OC Fair from sunkissis on Vimeo.


Hercules the World’s smallest horse


What pretty donkeys (is that the pural tense?)


How do you say Moo in French?
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Next year, we are definitely going after dark, it was a million degrees!

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