My Best Friend’s Wedding

My BFF, Aimee has never wanted a big, traditional wedding. Luckily I talked her out of eloping in Las Vegas, she choose to get married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse.


After an unfortunate disaster at the dry cleaners with her first wedding dress, we found the perfect Bianca Jagger inspired romper suit from Nasty Gal. Aimee bought some pretty gold buttons from Mood fabric store and had them sewn on the romper and she found the cutest gold brogues online. Her veil was custom made from Etsy.


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I made her bouquet which featured her favorite flowers, daisies and Billy balls for a punch of color

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FYI: The Beverly Hills Courthouse only schedules weddings on Wednesday and Friday

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Gorgeous Bride

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Olivia wore a navy blue boy’s suit from H&M, a plaid bow tie from Crewcuts and saddle shoes (sans socks) from Footmates.

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We put her curly hair in a top knot and added a few springs of baby’s breath.


How is she this tall at five years old?!

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The bride & groom have the same taste in 80’s rock music, French history and passion for traveling


The groom and maid of honor were having a serious conversation

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New family

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Liv was stiff as a board during the ceremony, it was pretty funny!

Liv was stiff as a board during the ceremony, it was pretty funny!

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Antz and I were the witness signers



Married folks!



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I couldn’t resist confetti bombing the newlyweds with my Thimblepress Push-Pop confetti

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Even though the temperature topped 100 degrees we all enjoyed this love-filled day. The créme de la créme was taking photos of the happy couple in front of this perfect street mural in Los Angeles.


Congrats BFF!


Antz decorated Aimee’s Fiat, so cute!

The photographer was a talented friend of ours, Brian Averill. Jet’aime BFF! Happy Wedding.

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