First day of Kindergarten!!

As soon as we made the long, long fifteen hour drive back home from Portland, we had the busiest week of our year. Olivia went back to school and boy, Kindergarten is so much different than Pre-K.

We used to have priority parking in the school lot but now it’s a struggle to find parking. Luckily, we arrived early enough to find a spot. No longer can we go inside the classroom to drop her off and see what she is working on or chat with the teachers. I would sign her in and class begins ten minutes later than the rest of the school. Now she gets dropped off outside in the Kindergarten playground without signing in. We can stay and watch the kids play but on the other side of the fence. Her teacher doesn’t come out until it’s time for them to line up and go to their classroom. Also, no more naps! So, less teacher interaction and everything they work on is a mystery until I can dig it out of her. I had no luck with asking “How was your day?” so I’ve been using these questions to get more than “Good” as her response. The good news is she is already speaking much more French than last year!

I can’t believe she still fits these shoes I bought her in Paris back in March

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She had a lovely first day even in 100 degree heat. We took her for ice-cream after school.
She got too hot so the socks came off!

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