The Timberline Lodge

Anyone who knows me knows that Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is my jam. I love that movie so much but I’m weird so I know more facts about the filming of the movie than the average person. The film’s famous opening scene was filmed at the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood so I was stoked that Story and Chris took us there for lunch. It’s about an hour from Portland.



I wore my no direction Grady sisters pin because they are my favorite characters in the movie. I have professed my love for the Shining in this post from the awesome 2012 LACMA Stanley Kubrick exhibit.




I did not order an advocaat because it was in the early afternoon and it sounds disgusting!


We had the best cheese plate in the Mezzanine. It was ridiculously crowded at the lodge so it was an hour wait for lunch. Don’t fret, we were able to pass the time quickly catching…wait for the irony, GHOST POKEMON!!


Liv caught a Haunter but I couldn’t because I ran out of pokeballs. Boo!


My alternate universal family

We wandered the creepy corridors and I was lucky enough to come across the infamous room 217. Now I know in the film, the haunted room was actually room 237 however the hotel requested Stanley to not use room 217 as it was in Stephen King’s novel so future guests wouldn’t avoid it. Lucky for the hotel it caused the opposite effect and now it’s their most requested room!

We bumped into the couple staying in the room when I was in the hallway photographing the door. They had no idea the room was related to the film and thought it was funny their room was “haunted”. FYI, the room was underwhelming and messy because they were in the middle of packing. I didn’t tour the bathroom with the gross naked old lady. I loved the Indian wood carvings and the eerie presence. I



Can you image the Grady sisters standing in the hallway asking Danny to come and play with us?!


It was challenging to get a full shot of the lodge exterior because the parking lot is directly in front of the building so there were tons of tourists in the way. I do find it odd that Antz wore his Mt. Hood t-shirt on this particular day not knowing we were driving there and there was a 1980 VW Rabbit parked in the lot (the same year the movie came out!). I tried to take a photo of the bathroom window Danny escapes from Jack but it wasn’t until I saw the windows that I realized the scene was shot on the elaborate set in England not the Timberline Lodge.


This website has great details to map the film’s impossible hotel layout and ponders many conspiracy theories and correlations. We stopped by the gift shop so I could pick up a rad Overlook Hotel t-shirt for Antz.


Antz and I were in disbelief that there was still snow on Mt. Hood with the 90 degree temperature. I would love to return during the winter when it’s snowing.

Timberline Lodge
27500 W Leg Road
Timberline Lodge, OR 97028


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