Happy Birthday Lizzie Part Two

The Standard Downtown has always been a fun place for us to have a drink. I actually spent my 33rd birthday at the Standard rooftop bar *whilst 5 months preggers* Yet this time, I was ready to drink like an adult *something I haven’t done since 2009* so we made a night of it.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! Debauchery ensued, dead hookers, I’m sure there was a midget involved…that’s all I can remember. Here’s my photographic evidence *which will be held admissible*

Don’t mind me, just checking in with my giant balloon friend here!
Upgrade to a corner room suite… Happy Happy Birthday to me!!
No elevator guy? Pressing your own button is so passé
What a friendly suite we had
This might be the greatest sticker ever!!
I suppose it will do
I love a place that there was a tub big enough for two and a bottle of Mr. Bubbles!
I have no shame in my snack/liquor game

Antz tried to out jump the master

He only wins on a technicality, I scrunked my knee
I was asked many times by folks “Is that for me?” NO! ALL MINE!!!
Spin LA Club
I had no idea there were this many rules for playing ping pong.
No time for legal mumble jumble…let’s play!
It’s raining ping pong balls
My attempt at juggling
I’m not kidding, I really love my balloon. Smoochies!

We worked up an appetite so we ordered some room service. 

I had the yummiest grilled brie and bleu cheese sandwich and portebello mushroom fries with chipotle aioli sauce…sooo good! Antz had a manly bacon burger with swiss cheese and herb fries.

Time for some R&R

Later my BFF, Aimee arrived. She gave me another gift *she paid for me to get gel nails mani and a pedi* on Tuesday.

We got our nails done on seperate days and still ended up getting the same color polish. BFF Power to the max!

She also got me an Anthropologie gift card because she knows I love that place more than anything and she loves me. I can’t wait till tomorrow when I go to get my new watch! I was all set to hit the sack cause I was tired but Aimee and Antz were ready to head upstairs for some drinks at the bar. I got dolled up and up we went.

*Insert Beyonce song here*
I tried to convince them that my balloon wanted to go too but they *wisely* told me to leave it in the room in case it popped or got ruined.
Me & my rad Bestie

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur. I do remember how wonderful the French 77 drinks were and it was our bartender’s birthday too. We cheers/danced the night a way and the DJ was really awesome. He played our song from Silence of Lambs and who doesn’t love that shit?! I am just happy I didn’t jump in the pool like I planned to do because I would have ruined my new shoes *and my blowout*.

I love these waterbed pods, I really could live in one
I am sure I was channeling my inner Hannah Horvath here
Running across the street to the Library Bar

That’s all I have, my camera was full…we chased Antz around the hotel and ordered room service again. It was a celebration bitches!!

Our Thursday was just as fun, find out what happens next in the riveting finale of Happy Birthday Lizzie!

The Dry Bar Blew me away!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines day. Liv passed out heart lollipops to all her friends at school. She also gave her teachers a big box of chocolates.

I love her friend Marlow’s heart cape!
Liv’s buddy Layla *she’s the cutest!*
Mrs. Ana gets a hug too

It was really funny cause she thought it was Halloween since we were passing out candy.

I decided *totally at the last minute* to make a hair appt. at Drybar. I was considering going there next month on my birthday for a blowout so I figured a trial-run would be splendid. I love the concept. You choose a style from a menu and you get a shampoo *I opted for the extra conditioning shot* and then they blow dry and curl your hair to perfection.

They carry Ban.do hair goodies!

*So of course I couldn’t help myself and I went back today to get the yellow heart. I mean, it’s yellow and I needed a complete set, right?

Ban.do love

Here’s my lion’s mane before, yikes!

Chelsea was wonderful at managing my frizzy hair

And here’s me after! Va-va-voom

The colors in Drybar were so cute. Now I’m thinking I need white cabinets that are painted light blue inside in our kitchen. Then I’ll use yellow as an accent color in the curtains and accessories.
Isn’t that ornate mirror amazing? I’m going to the Pasadena flea market next month to find some vintage goodies for the kitchen.

I haven’t gotten my hair done professionally in years. It was bliss. Since it was Valentines day, they gave me this free dry shampoo too.

I picked up my Valentine’s lunch dates and we went to Tenno Sushi.

 Aimee took some shots of my pretty balloons.

Ac4SWG on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

We had so much fun, we went to my house and watched Girls and ate our leftover sushi and love day candy till Antz came home.

Liv got some valentines from school and her Padrinos *Stephen & Leslie* got her a sweet bouquet of balloons, *just like Mommy’s* and a cute robot t shirt.

We have three birthdays in the next three weekends! I’m looking forward to Antz having Monday off. I hope we can check out the Los Angeles  Public Library. Happy Weekend!

Hither & Thither January 2013

Los Angeles has a wishy-washy winter season. One day it’s dark, cloudy and raining and then the next it’s 80 degrees. We have been fighting colds and staying home but on sunny days we can’t resist going out to visit Grandma or have dinner with Stephen & Leslie *so yum!*

Liv jumps
Mommy jumps

and Daddy jumps too!
Thanks to my BFF for the awesomest gifts ever. My sweatshirt is super soft and warm.
late night Pinkberry
tea partying with Grammy
I love her sweater, it’s my absolute fave
 We had dinner with Liv’s padrinos at Haven Gastropub

I tried some of Les & Stephen’s brussel sprouts, really good!
I had the most delish applewood bacon wrapped shrimp and cheddar grits *this was my first time ever trying grits*
Antz had a juicy lamb burger and Liv had mac & cheese
My peeps!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…oooh hearts!

These hearts are bedazzled with sequins and each are backed with a dual hair cilp/brooch so they can be worn in your hair or as a brooch. put it on your favorite tote, on a pair of jeans, or over your own heart!
Ban.do mini hearts
I really want to make this for our front porch *from Oh Happy Day*

Geronimo Balloon Troopers {huge red balloons}
Jihan delivering her rad Valentine balloons Geronimo Balloon-Troopers

I have a serious weakness for pretty balloons. I had a giant white one for our pop-up anniversary dinner but Antz said as soon as he arrived at the beach it flew away. I was pretty bummed I didn’t get to take any photos with it. Lame!

So have you heard it through the grapevine? This app is the video version of Instagram and it’s spreading like the flu *but in a good way*. Please follow my video adventures at Lizzie Hall Conley.

Happy Happy Christmas 2012

Last night we had the best fondue party with Terry, Morgan, Kieran & baby Finn.


Pretzel bread YUM!

Thanks to the Coxwells for a lovely Christmas Eve feast & sweet gift for Liv. We had to drive Liv around for an hour to get her nice and sleepy so we were able to put the finishing touches on the kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It’s going to move to the kitchen in March when we finish our remodel.

I bought a Tap light to give her some extra lighting
Her Aunt Debra got her this chefs set, so cute!!

We put blankets over it so she couldn’t peek. After heading to bed at 2am, I was hoping Liv would sleep in but she got up around 7:45 and by 8am we dragged ourselves out of bed. 

Bubble gun

Liv loves nesting dolls. Now she has her very own and she’ll stop playing with the ones I received as gifts from my friends trip to Russia.

She has been playing doctor since her 24 month check up. Dr Wang let her use her stethoscope on her doll, she’s given us a check up, I got a clean bill of heath but Antz was diagnosed as sick.

Best face ever…SUSHI!!

Now it’s time for the big present. La cucina!

She knew exactly what to do, she promptly started cooking us breakfast

It’s the perfect size for her, I was worried she was too tall for it.
She has been playing kitchen all morning. We are so happy and warm. I am going to take a nap like a bear, I’m so sleepy and covered in bandaid stickers from Dr. Olivia. Thanks so much for all the lovely presents we’ve received. I am so lucky to have such considerate and generous friends and family.
**Thanks to Aimee for the Misha Lulu clothes. They are beyond adorable and I will have Liv model them as soon as I get them in the mail.
 kate spade new york 'arm candy' leather pouch available at #Nordstrom

**Thanks to my Mommy for the gift of cash so I could get this adorable bag *on sale!!*
**Thanks to Leslie & Stephen for the AMAZING gifts!! She is such a sweetie, I’ve wanted this pillow forever. YAY!
**My Antz for the tons of gifts I’ve been getting all month *my RAD Kate Spade bag, Marc Jacobs for Target pouch, my gold loafers, my Ban.do poms and your lovely kisses*
We will be seeing Django Unchained later tonight. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

The Breakfast Club

Please forgive my Sunday afternoon case of the lazies. It’s such lovely weather and I’ve got a full tummy. I’m so sleepy from a fun filled day so I’m not feeling so chatty.

We started our day with video chatting with our favorite niece & nephew, Evelyn & Dion from Paraguay. They only have 9 months left with the Peace Corps. and I know how fast 9 months can go by. Then we went to brunch at Cindy’s. I had an idea to get together with my friends on a monthly basis and we’ll try a new restaurant each time. Cindy’s was my choice for our first Breakfast Club.

“Saturday, March 24,1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062.
Dear Mr. Vernon, We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole
Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did
*was* wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling
you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to
see us – in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You
see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal.
Correct? That’s the way we saw each other at 7:00 this morning. We were
Always cheesing for the camera

We checked out a really nice open house in Atwater Village after breakfast. The house is small but cute. My biggest disappointment was the faux fireplace and it’s the first house on the street so there’s an alley next to it. However there is a huge wall so you would never hear any noise from the cars driving by. The price was excellent, there’s no doubt it will sell quickly.

I drool for pools!!

Antz must have also been inspired by this pool because he decided that today was the day we get Liv a pet fish. We bought the aquarium but the guy at the Pet store said we should wait a day before adding the fish. We’re picking up a couple of goldfish friends tomorrow.

*Update* Yesterday Antz brought home our new pets. Olivia has named them Dory & Nemo *although I call them Fred & Ethel* So far so great, they survived the night and Lola hasn’t noticed them, yet!


So now that Liv is watching The Goonies with Antz in the other room. I’m going to sneak a little nap before I get started on my crafting for Liv’s Winter Solstice.

OH! I forgot to post a photo of our garage. Antz straightened it up and made it cute again after weeks of neglect.

Merci Mon ami!!

Oh Joy! Book Signing at West Elm

Last night Antz, Liv and I went to the Oh Joy! book signing at the West Elm store in West Hollywood. I am about halfway through her book, Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community, and I hope to finish this weekend *it’s so helpful and motivating*. Joy is one of my fave bloggers and West Elm is one of my favorite furniture stores, so I was in heaven. First stop was the Smilebooth, after grabbing a spicy virgin margarita.

I am obsessed with Smilebooth. That backdrop is so rad!!
TEA61J on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I wrote out an important question to ask Joy about how to monetize your blog and what’s the best method.

Check out my stellar houndstooth nails

 The store was decorated in the cutest bird motif, I coincidentally coordinated.

Everyone loved Olivia, I got so many compliments on her outfit and her hair.
My kid knows how to ham it up
Antz told Liv to pose so she threw her hand on her hip. We hope we don’t have a Honey Boo Boo on our hands.
I love these vases
Joy & me *I was nerding out!*
I met the lovely Emily Henderson *from Secrets of a Stylist*
I asked her to sign my book. She was super sweet and as awesome as I thought in person.
The event was catered by Heirloom LA. I would love to hire them for a party in the future, the food was fantastic.
Liv helped herself to some nachos
Clam chowder shooters
Cucumber soup in adorable mason jars
I don’t know what I’m cracking up about but hahahaha!
Beautiful Bri from designlovefest was there *she remembered me from the Anthropologie event*
Jen from Ban.do was there too! Such a fabulously stylish lady
She told me there will be a new line coming soon with with sweet pieces like her kiss brooch.
There was a rad DJ from The Flashdance
Liv was getting down
I WANT!! Tassel chandeliers
I am pretty sure I’m going back for these Mercury Owls, they are so sweet and a portion of the sale goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Joy answered my question and gave me excellent advice. I don’t just want this blog to be a money maker because I love blogging, but would be amazing to find sponsorship for my Life List and also make enough in ad sales to pay for Blogshop class so I can learn how to format my posts and make my photos better.

Joy is so fantastic!

Here’s a little video from her Q & A. She was telling us about different options to improve our blogs.

I can’t tell you how inspiring the evening left me. I met so many awesome bloggers. One women I met offered to send Liv a box of clothes from the children’s line Wittlebee. I am so stoked to dress Liv in their clothes. My mind is swimming with new blog ideas. I’m glad we went since I was so exhausted from a long, fun day *I’ll post more about that later*


Happy Weekend lovelies!

What’s Cookin’?

Today I’m putting on my chef’s hat and I’m actually cooking dinner for my family. It’s such a rare occasion, last time was Valentine’s Day! I was too tempted by this easy peasy recipe I found on Pinterest.

Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
Baked Garlic Chicken

Now that our grill has conked out, we are using our oven more. With 4 ingredients and 30 minutes cooking time total even I can’t mess this up.

Sautéing the sauce

Uh-oh! Spoke too soon. I needed 3 garlic cloves and I had 3 bottles *because everytime I go to the store I am positive we are out* of minced garlic so I hope that didn’t ruin things. I also have no idea how to “sauté” I basically pushed the olive oil and minced garlic around for a minute then poured it on top of the chicken.

So it’s 20 minutes later and the chicken is cooked. Listen folks, this may be elemantary cooking for the average person but I had to look online for a recipe to cook rice! Here’s how were looking now.

The sauce is quite runny but the meat is cooking all the way through

Antz just came home and said the house smells like apple pie so that’s a good sign. I made some butternut squash with cinamin and olive oil for Liv and some Hawaiian bread rolls. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s as yummy as it smells!

Well, verdict is in, Antz loved it! The rice was a little hard *leave it up to me to mess up rice!* The chicken was tender and the sauce had a nice flavor. Liv loves her squash as always. I just may be cooking more recipes from my Pinterest.


Highland Cafe Part 2

This morning my friend Terry invited us to join them for breakfast at Highland Cafe. We walked over and encountered the largest dog I’ve ever seen in my life.

Antz was like, “Is that a rug?
I find his little pal ironic.
Hi Lew doggy!
My pretty waffle
Liv enjoyed stirring her oatmeal but she ate some later at home
This waitress is super adorable! Her shirt had thread, bobbins and needles on it. We had a chat about our love of sewing and Peter Pan collars.
Lew is the sweetest, most patient dog ever.
Look at Terry’s adorable preggers belly, baby brother will be here in December.
There is a new comic book store across the street, AWESOME!!

We’re both so happy our neighborhood is getting so rad, but my heart still belongs to Atwater Village. A new market/cafe opened there called Bon Vivant. We have to check it out soon.


Chili Chili Baby

Humming the Ice Ice Baby beat now…Holy Balls! Antz decided to make chili from scratch. I honestly didn’t have high expectations cause chili is made from the heart, you let it slow cook for hours, drench it in juices and simmer in seasoning and use a recipe passed down from generation to generation. That guy blew my socks off. Paired with my Jiffy cornbread *it was my first time making cornbread using jiffy* WOW! I hope someone invents smellovision cause our house smells amazing right now. The chili had the perfect consistency. Spicy, but not too spicy. Perfection. I had 2 bowls! He told me his secret was adding sausage and chorizo.


My attempt at a chili cornbread cupcake, it tastes better than it looks
I bought all these new spices
Secret recipe




Delish, delish, delish!! Antz wins at chili goodness.

Today Liv had a playdate with her best bud, Kieran. The plan was for them to ride their scooters but choosing a park as the location wasn’t so smart. Liv rode her scooter for about 48 seconds. She then ran, climbing and jumped for an hour straight. She wore me out. It’s funny how she rides the scooter in the house all day but the second I take her to ride outdoors she’s like, nah.






I love this photo, she is midair during a jump…she looks like she’s levitating!
Liv looks so long, like 4 feet tall!
Surfin’ Dude!
Happy Happy weekend!!