Today was an interesting day

Check this shit out!


Blue – Los Angeles *Highland Park* where we reside
Red – Places we have traveled together
Green – Places I have traveled
White – Places Antz has traveled
Yellow – Places we hope to travel *with Bebe*

I… *along with Antz help* put together my map project. I was so giddy as I pushed in each pin. I can’t wait until I can say I have been to every place on my map. Hopefully, our next trip will be in 2012 to London for the Olympics. I also found out the lovely news that my all-time favorite hotel will be opening in London in 2010, the W! I adore the W. They are the best hotels I have ever stayed at. They have the most comfy beds, excellent room service and posh decor. So far I have only stayed at 2 🙁

W San Diego

The Lobby/Lounge Area

The Bar

The Beach Lounge

Our Wonderful Room

Lovely Lily Allen


Yay Lily!

The other W we stayed at was W Silicon Valley in 2007 when we saw Björk in San Jose.

My goal is to stay at a W for every show we go to. I would love to go to Coachella *Indio, CA*

Bonnaroo,Tennessee and Glastonbury, England in the next few years. We have an early morning at the doc and Antz is calling me into the bedroom 🙂

Nighty Nights!

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