I want it Now

Call the Wah-bulance

I am super bummed that we missed this jewel in Silverlake I can’t even find out what it sold for on Zillow. I feel so stuck in this tiny house. There is no way we would have room for a bebe. I don’t see myself lugging a stroller up those deathly stairs. Alllllllso…so many things on my bebe dream wishlist are either selling out or being discountined. Well, hopefully in a few months I can start actually buying things for our nursery. It’s just hard for me to envision the nursery squeezed into Antz office. It’s the coldest room in the house and the closet is packed now, how will I be able to organize and put all those rad onesies in there? Now I know why the people before us took our offer so quickly. I need another bathroom, another bedroom and a POOL!

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