Good morning Sunshine

Today Antz went back to work 🙁 I was getting used to having him around. So I have decided to start cooking more often. When I cooked dinner Monday night, it impressed Antz so much I feel like what the hell? I am his wife, why not Lucy it up? Domestic life can’t be that bad, right?

I am entrenching myself into house projects. I want to love and adore my house but it’s really a love/hate relationship. I do love that we have a 1923 California Bungalow. 

I do love the covered large porch and our big backyard with all the fruit trees. I love our hardwood floors and original, gorgeous windows.

However, I absolutely hate that we have a beautiful, original fireplace but we can never use it. Our house has major foundation problems, we have a garage that leaks and is filled with of all things BLACK WIDOW spiders! Then there’s our neighbors across the street. They are vile, they are unemployed, white trash hillbilly, intoxicated, meth-using, loud, drunken fighting hooligans. They totally bring down our house’s value. So as we are pretty much stuck here for a least another year so I am compiling a list of DIY projects to start. 1. Remodel our outdated kitchen. There is years of bad paint jobs on the cabinets. Antz pointed out to me that the color of our cabinets are identical to Family Guy’s kitchen.

We definitely want to paint them white. Possibly just take off the cabinet doors. I am worried that when we sell *yeah right*, a buyer may not like not having cabinet doors. We need a new stove. Our current stove is from the 70’s and not at all vintage.

It’s covered in thick grease and burns anything you put in the oven *good excuse for me not to cook*. The tile countertops and backsplash have to be replaced. I would like white subway tile and a corian countertop.
*my dream kitchen*

The hardwood floors are amazing but there are a few loose floorboards and they could use some refinishing.  Then there’s this hideous ceiling fan. I am thinking a nice pendant lamp in it’s place.

I found the least expensive, yet brand name pull-down faucet.  I have an assortment of projects for the house but I presently am losing a battle with formatting my photos and I am getting the yawns. Nighty Night

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