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My face hurts from smiling so much!

OMG!! Today we saw the bebe moving!! Well actually dancing. I will try to upload the video

Our Baby from liz hall on Vimeo.

I went to St Andrews today to sign up for the Christening. It will be July 17, 2010. The hard part is choosing Godparents. We want Story & Chris but one parent must be Catholic. We and the Godparents have to attend a Baptism class in May. I don’t know if they will go. I am super tired today but too excited to sleep. I made our first prenatal appt. with our Ob/Gyn Dr. Teng. Last time I saw her was in January 2008 for my pap smear. Today was our last appt at HRC. I am sad to no longer see Dr. Evans. I had Antz get some Neopets toys for her kids and they gave us a gift for the bebe.

Last night Antz and I went for a walk in Little Tokyo. I wanted to buy the addidas for the bebe but of course they were sold out. Antz was like, don’t worry we’ll find them online. I looked everywhere but could only find green and navy. Finally out of nowhere I found the orange ones on Shoes.com. YAY! I bought them in a size 2 (3 – 6 months). So I made our first official bebe purchase 🙂

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