Halloween Shenanigans

I am surprised this year we got quite a few trick-or-treaters. Last year we had one lone Vampire and he completely cleaned us out. I was not at all impressed by these kids costumes. Superman PJs? Scream, generic plastic masks and one kid was Neo from the Matrix *what is this 1996*.
Well, my costume wasn’t that creative this year as well. I went with comfort over style.

Rosemary Woodhouse & Waldo “Stephan”

Antz looked great!
We went to Leslie’s Party and had a great time. Their house looks amazing.

The Hosts Leslie & Stephan

Keith & Tina
Chris as Nosferatu
Antz painted these
Halloween isn’t complete without A Nightmare Before Christmas

They just put in pavers and sod.

We had a really fun time. Today we are having a lazy Sunday and Antz is going to make his delicious tacos. I’m watching the first Night of the Living Dead. We saw Paranormal Activity on Friday. It was scary but too unrealistic for me. Antz was really scared. I can’t wait until next Halloween when our little one will be with us!

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