Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of posies

I just realized I need to brush up on my nursery rhymes and songs. It has been a week since I wrote, but I can’t say it’s been busy. I have been stuck in a daily routine that is feeling quite monotonous. We bought tile for our front stairs this weekend and Antz will be taking Thursday off to work on them. I also got free tix for a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox, a Wes Anderson film. I am just disappointed Anjelica Huston is not in it
















Anjelica and Jeff Goldblum *my crush*

We are going to our first official Ob/Gyn appt. on Thursday. I scheduled the nuchal screening test for Nov. 24th. I feel like I’m on pause. I am too early for any fun preggo events. I have been taking naps everyday around the same time. I am looking forward to starting prenatal yoga next month. Hopefully I can figure out a way to get some weekly swimming into my activities *Keith & Tina’s house*. I feel a little blue because I would love to be starting some home reno projects to prep our house for sale and we can get into Atwater Village. Well, it’s not a bright idea to be around major work while I’m preggers. So maybe 2010 will be the year we move. Still craving a babymoon, I will have to book soon because after 20 weeks, no travel.

My dream Babymoon

Big Sur Glen Oaks Cabins

There is also a spa nearby. Not sure how great I would feel after a 6 hour drive but at least it’s close.  My lovely is making his amazing tacos for dinner so I shall leave you.

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