Today is lazy Sunday, my Antz told me we are embarking on an adventure to take incredible photos around the city so I’m excited to post the outcome. Last week was stormy and rainy but this weekend has been sunny and the rain has washed away all the LA smog.

I took this Thursday afternoon, the view from my bedroom window

Sadly most of the snow has since melted.

Yesterday I did something extraordinary and I cooked not only delectable brownies for the first time but I found a Martha Stewart *her holiness* french toast receipe. Who would have known the key ingredient for yummy french toast is orange juice? My french toast came out unbelieveable! Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my brilliant breakfast but I assure you it was most delicious. I have been enjoying cooking but our stove sucks and I need more counter space *as I’ve never before had to actually prepare ingredients for a meal*.

Before I get dressed I wanted to express my sincere devotion to the following;

1. Ampers&s! How rad are they?

2. How amazingly soft & fluffy my dog is since his bath yesterday

3. I love the bebe playlist I made in itunes for Olivia, last night I put the headsets on my belly and went to sleep so she could enjoy the tunes *I hope she got some sleep*

björk, radiohead, Billie Holiday, belle & sebastian, Yann Tiersen *Amélie soundtrack*, the Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, blonde redhead, Sigur Rós and Joanna Newsom are just a few of the artists

4. I am falling in love with my backyard again *despite the lack of grass* the rain did our garden well



5. This artist, Mandy Sutcliffe

6. I cannot get enough cocoa butter on my body *although it’s not winning the battle of stretch marks* the yummiest smell in the world





















7. Baby elephants!!!


8. These pillows by Alexandra Ferguson *I must have them* from etsy

It’s time to go explore, I will upload this evening. Bonjour!

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