Adventures in La La Land

As I promised here are the results of today’s explorations. We started with lunch at In & Out *best place on Earth* tasted fruit samples at the Montrose farmer’s market and ended up in various beautiful locations. We are both tired from all the walking and posing.

Park in Glendale with Japanese Gardens

Antz in the tea house

Historic 1900’s Victorian Home

Next stop, Forest Lawn Cemetary Glendale *where Michael Jackson rests*

The Grand Masoleum is where Michael Jackson/Clark Gable/Jimmy Stewart/Sammy Davis Jr./Carol Lombard/Jean Harlow/Edith Head/ & Mary Pickford are resting unfortunately their graves are all private so I couldn’t get a closer shot. Walt Disney is also here but we couldn’t find it. Next time I’ll get a shot, he’s in a garden that is open to the public *not cryogentically frozen under Pirate of the Carribean ride*
Our last stop was a last minute local spot that I’ve known about forever, the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens. The site itself isn’t that spectacular but the grounds look like the perfect place for our bebe shower until I saw the rental fees. For a Saturday in May for under 150 guests it starts at $6,500! NO WAY!!
I love this patio, it would be fantastic for the shower but there’s no way we can afford that much!

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