One Godparent down, two to go!

Today my best friend, Aimee came to visit me and Livs. She is more excited about me having a girl than all of us. She went shopping for her already at Baby Gap and Play Planet Funk. I had this striped dress on my wishlist.

I adore this romper, it’s by Hula Mula, I think it’s mega cuteness overload!

I took her to Giggle in Pasadena to show her the nursery furniture and some items on my registry. I asked her to be our bebe’s godmother and she totally cried tears of joy. She is so happy as if she didn’t know I would ask her!  Not much is going on with me, Olivia has been kicking on a regular basis and Antz can now feel her kicking too. I’m sort of bummed because I have jury duty next week. Tomorrow we are going to Paramount to see Nine.
Wednesday night was quite fun, my old friend Carlos is launching a menswear line *the Victoria Secret of guys undies* and he had a party at a club in downtown LA. We got all dressed up and had a great time. I even met Nick Verreos from Project Runway season 2!!

My hot date, Antz, Carlos, Stephanie & Me

Me and Nick, he was very sweet and he complimented Antz hair

Me and one of the models, he was really short!

Water, of course

It was a really swell time at an old bank renovated into a club. My friend Carlos just got engaged to his girlfriend of 7 years, Stephanie, so I am super excited for him. I was just telling Antz I would like to go to a wedding but we couldn’t think of anyone who would be getting married.

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