The madness now begins

Well I declare, my prayers have been answered and Antz received his bonus early this year and it was actually more than I expected which is mega awetastic. I literally did a freeze frame fist in the air jump when I saw our online bank statement. Nevertheless, that doesn’t leave me in the clear in my bebe shower vs garage repair dilemma. I am still waiting for the guy next door to give us a quote. I know he’s going to give me a huge number because he wants to install a pitch on the roof to drain the rainwater and he’ll use water pressure inside the garage to get rid of the mold on the wood beams. I would be super stoked if he would be under $3k but that is wishful thinking. I am coming to my senses and I shaved $400 off the shower budget *by removing 6 people from the guest list* because we must buy a new stove. I had a great deal at Home Depot but sadly the price went up by $100. We’re going to look in the store and see what they have in stock so maybe we’ll find something less than $400 because we have to get an exhaust fan, installation and a warranty. So yesterday was pretty busy, we met with David *the guy who’s fixing my neighbors roof* and he quoted us $500 to remove the popcorn ceiling. No way Jose! That is $150 more than my budget allows. My friend Connie said her dad may be able to help us remove it but we have to send in samples of the roof to test for asbestos first. I am hoping we only spend $300 on the popcorn because we have to buy more paint to do the ceiling and the crown molding. So back to yesterday, we saw David and then went to Pasadena to Pottery Barn kids to check out curtains. Of course the ones I wanted were all sold out *my luck* but they did have 2 panels in the right color but the wrong size. They are 96″ and I need 84″, so hopefully Antz Mom will be able to hem them for us. Luckily because I have a gift registry I saved about $12 on the curtains.

We chose a burnt orange for the curtains. The wall will be painted beige and the 2 walls are a chocolate brown. Our palette is Earthy tones. We did worry it looked too masculine so we looked at pink curtains too.


We liked this milky pink but I wanted grommets and we feel the orange is stronger and will keep the nursery looking modern rather than trendy. Maybe later when she’s a toddler we’ll go for the pink but for now her bedding is orange and many of the paintings in her decor will have orange in them. I did find a pink bedding set on sale that I love.















Skip Hop Floral Vine Bedding Set total score for a 5 piece set $199! I just have to keep reminding myself not to go overboard with pink. I did buy a pink Malfi today but it’s justified because the store I planned to buy it from sold out and I found it for way less on Amazon so Antz gave me the ok to buy it.

How cute is this guy? I’m using him and his soon-to-be purchased friend as bookends

After Pottery Barn we stopped by Giggle *my favorite bebe store* which is right next door and drooled over everything. Then we went to the Grove too check out the Dream Menagerie rug at Anthropologie but of course it was sold out. I can order it online but it’s backordered until 3/1. I am completely sold on the rug but Antz still thinks we can find a better one for $300. I’ll wait until March to buy it. This doorknob was asking me to buy him but we need to measure the door to see if it’s the right size

We checked out Jack & Janie, the most adorable clothing store ever! We really want to buy Olivia this dress for her first Easter.









We browsed a bunch of shops and took some cute pics.












I bought the yummiest grilled cheese sandwich and shoestring fries ever! Too bad I ate them too fast to take a pic. So when we got home I had a bone-headed moment. I was telling Anthony the shipping for the glider and the bassinet were so high at Giggle $264 and he sent me a link of the manufacturer’s website where the shipping was only $129. A light bulb went off in my head because not only am I saving a ton on shipping but by buying it from the place the makes it, if anything goes wrong, I am under warranty. Sheesh, the icing on the cake is there are more color options for the lumbar pillow on the Monte Design site but now I can’t choose between orange and pink!














I know the orange would tie into the curtains, the paintings and the bedding but what happens when I change the bedding to the pink set? I wish they sold the pillow separately. So, here’s what the room looks like presently.

It looks like an entire house worth of things in these boxes. We have no clue where to put all this stuff. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the end of April the room will transform into this, the question is pink or orange?


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