I am beyond tired but it’s worth it!

It was a long, arduous journey to Thousand Oaks but I got my Dream Menagerie rug for the nursery!

I feel like I’ve been driving non stop for the last 4 days. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I drove to my Mom’s house in LA to pick her up so we could go to Saint Andrew’s Church for mass and I needed to drop off a check to pay for the christening. Let me backtrack a little bit. Yesterday morning our lovely cat Lola threw her daily tantrum to wake up us at 7 am to feed her so Antz gave in and got up. He got the brillant idea to make Olivia’s mobile with felt dolls of us, the pets and a heart. Next thing I know he was working on the bebe’s mobile for 3 hours, he ended up working from home. I can’t wait to see the finished mobile!!

Antz, heart and Me, I helped sew a little bit but he did the marjority of them. He’s working on Lola and Max now. I accidentally closed my dresser drawer on my ring finger and I watched in slow motion / horror my diamond pop out of the setting. Luckily I saw right where the diamond landed and I found the original paperwork from 8 years ago when Antz bought it. While in tears, I went to Zales and boo-hooed to the salewoman. She told me it was under warranty but because I hadn’t come in every 6 months for maintenence it was no longer covered. 🙁 Lame! She has to send it to the repair person and it will take 2 whole weeks to be repaired and possibly cost $130! That’s the bad news, the good news is, the setting had been loose from years of knocking my ring against every surface so getting it repaired may have been a wise choice. I hope they clean it while they are at it, long overdue. So today I drove to Playa del Rey to pick up Aimee and we drove all the way to Anthropologie in Thousand Oaks for my rug. We are in love with the Oaks mall but it is like 45 minutes away.

I am still bummed the rug is so flat and has to be dry cleaned but I couldn’t be happier that I got it without having to pay shipping and I no longer have to worry about it selling out. I ended up having lunch with my Mom since I was on that side of town and she offered to treat me at Jerry’s Deli. I have never been so happy because last night after I dropped my Mom off at home from church, Antz and I went to Sunland *pretty far* to drop off a sample to be tested for asbestos. Today I got an email saying there was no asbestos found in the sample so we are green lit to remove the popcorn 🙂 I am going out to Apple Valley with my Mom on Saturday while Antz tackles the popcorn alone. I would love for him to paint the room while I’ll be out of town with the pets but there’s only so much he can do in one day. I think it will be fine for me to be home while he paints because we are using Benjamin Moore Natura low VOC paint. I have made a decision that I will forgo having professional pictures at the delivery in lieu of buying a Flip camcorder and a printer. I would much rather spend the money on professional portraits when she is 3 months and has that bebe adorableness. I still need to recruit someone to film the labor because Antz is now my doula so I don’t want him to be distracted. I am thinking of asking Leslie but it depends on my due date.

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