So you may think I am referring to food cravings but I’m not. I’ve got nursery cravings! I was up late last night checking out babycenter forums and everyone in my June Birth club seems to already have most of their nursery furniture. Arrgh, I thought we were on schedule but I am ready to no longer see that office/storage room and see our daughter’s room. Now that I bought the curtains and the rug, I’ve got a taste of the shopping bug. I am craving this jewel from Anthropologie.





















I don’t know if it will fit the french door but I love it! This weekend is exciting because Antz is removing the popcorn which has been a huge obstacle in transforming my room. We also had good responses from last night Antz put our Ikea Klippan couch on craigslist for $60. I think it may be gone by tomorrow. Hmmm what shall I spend that $60 on? I found a great price for a Flip camcorder on Amazon for $154.99 *regular price is $199.99* so I am waiting until we get our tax refund to buy it.

Antz Mom came by to hem our too-long curtains. She has a sewing maching that pre-dates WWII but it works look a dream. I knew she was a talented seamstress but she completely blew me away. She hemmed the curtains better than Pottery Barn did. We used the orange thread leftover from my goldfish Halloween costume and it matched perfectly. I tried to learn as much as I could but I would need a ton of practice.










It took her about an hour to hem both panels. I can’t wait to see them hanging in the room after we paint.

You know what’s bumming me out today, I haven’t spoken a single bonjour since New Years. I should be studying and on my way to having a conversation in French by June. I need a tutor so badly. I can’t think of a single French person who can teach me. Maybe I’ll start listening to my Learn French podcast every night.

Oh bon!

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