S-U-C-C-E-S-S that’s the way you spell success!

I have just returned from my mini vacay in Apple Valley at my Mom’s house. I left with Maxwell yesterday to avoid the dust storm from my contractor husband. He worked himself to death till 3am last night removing that awful popcorn ceiling. He said it was fairly easy but tiring work. The new ceiling looks like a map of the world from all the missing plaster but once we paint it should look smoother. Here are the pics he took.

We went to Lowes to stock up on supplies and hardly needed to buy much besides a sander, a small scraper, plastic sheets, a brush and the infamous frog tape!

Obviously the popcorn spirits were dancing around the room

Warm water and elbow grease saved us $600! Antz is a DIY master.

Antz is shocked he was able to get it all done in one night by himself! He should host a show on HGTV.



Yesterday we went to Anthropologie to buy the Elexia flower doorknob but when we brought the existing doorknob and matched them up it looked to long so we found this one that I adore.

I love the ceramic bird and the color palette. Sadly Antz couldn’t figure out to to make it fit but we’re going to Lowes again to see if we can buy the interior door parts and ask one of the workers how to install it. The bird door knob is absolutely perfect to coordinate with this amazing find at Lowes for $29.97!!

I gave myself a budget of $50 for the curtain rod and accessories and this guy and the doorknob just made it. Now all I need is find an electrician to fix the light in the closet and buy furniture. Good news, I received my pink Naked Malfi yesterday. It is bigger than I thought which is great since it’s a focal point in the room.


I don’t want to take it out of the bag until the room is finished. Here is how it looks without the bag

My honey bunny stayed up late last night not only toiling away working on the ceiling but he finished the mobile dolls! It came out better than I could imagine. Everyone is going to want one but I am *trying my best* keeping it a secret until the baby shower when we unveil the finished nursery.

Antz, Me, Bebe Olivia, Maxwell and Lola. He is attaching them to a stick he has been keeping, we just have to find a way to secure it to the wall and make sure Lola doesn’t try to pull it down. We are both pretty tired *although I haven’t really done anything* so we’ll start again on Tuesday after my tax appt. *fingers crossed on a huge refund*
I am beyond excited!! Everything is coming along beautifully! Now I really want to work on the rest of the house. Now off to watch the BAFTA’s.

Toodle Loo!

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