Adventures at Home Depot

Saturday night Antz sold the TV stand but we had to deliver it in Silverlake, $60! He bought it at Ikea 5 years ago in the “As-Is” section for $80 so it was a good deal. Goodbye old TV stand.

We went back to Home Depot to get a refund for the microwave installation *sweet*. I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of Aunt Martha’s Hardwood Floor cleaner.

We then grabbed dinner and headed home. We totally flaked on painting this weekend but I have the paint and there’s plenty of time. I feel like Antz totally deserved some time off since he has been working so hard all week. We may start next Friday. Sunday we cleaned out Antz closet to make room for Liv’s clothes and sorted more things for donating.

Liv’s tiny closet nook

We are about 75% organized and close to finding everything a home. His tools are going to the garage but not until we get it repaired. We placed a few more things for sale on Craigslist but I doubt we will sell them. We went to The Right Start in Pasadena to use my 20% off coupon however I couldn’t find anything I just had to have. Most of the items we liked I am registered for so it was hard to make a purchase. The coupon expires on 3/11 so I’ll think about it, I’m considering the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat but they only have black and red in stock. Besides, my Mom said she wanted to buy the car seat as our bebe shower gift. I’m just worried it will sell out on Amazon by May 🙁

The good thing about being at The Right Start was we talked to the saleswoman about the Bugaboo Bee because I was worried it was discontinued. She said it’s not, however, a new and improved version of the Bee was coming out in early May that would be wider and many of the previous problems with the Bee would have been fixed. Awesome! I would have bought the older version and been bummed out. Even new colors will be available. So after that we headed over to Antz Mom’s house and hung out. Not much is going on this week. I am going to acupuncture at 1:30 and Aimee is coming over on Sunday for lunch and check out the new stove. Oh and by the way, I finally christened the stove last night with my first meal, a grilled cheese sandwich.

It was one fucking yummy grilled cheese though!

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