Friday is Errand day

I have been a good housewife today. I woke up bright and early and started *well actually finished* the laundry. I folded clothes and put them away *a task I find torturous*. Every Friday I go to the grocery store and run my weekly errands *because Friday is when the new weekly magazines come out*. I went to my #1 store, Target to look for a closet rod for Olivia’s clothes.








These curtain rods were all they carried so I’ll have to go to Home Depot because I want a wood rod. I had to buy something for the baby so I got these hangers. Now that I have them, I am thinking of finding cuter ones. I also browsed the baby aisle and caught a glimse of my future life








I had to get this adorable sewing kit. I needed a measuring tape and white thread.








This really makes me want a sewing machine. I found this guy on Amazon but it may be too much for a beginner.










It has an embroidery feature that I would love to use to personalize all of Olivia’s sweaters. It’s supposed to rain this weekend and on Sunday I have a lunch date with Aimee so we may not paint. Maybe I can gather some helpers when we do decide to paint. I’m no longer in a hurry with painting the room because our tax refund hasn’t arrived and I most likely won’t be ordering furniture until late March. I gave Antz until the end of the month to try to find either a used or a better deal on the crib and dresser. He found the crib on craigslist for $490 but it was gone by the time we called. Lame! Last night was the delivery of Jim & Pam’s baby on The Office. It was awesome to see all the things that could go wrong *I will triple check for my ipod* and not be too know-it-all with the nurses. I was even more stoked when I saw the woman who shared a room with Pam had my Helen labor gown. My worst nightmare is if we have to share a room with another Mom because our hospital doesn’t allow any overnight guests if that happens. OMG! I would throw such a fit!!

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