Thursday night is date night

So Antz asked me out on a date 8th grade style and of course I accepted. He took me to a Thai restaurant close to his job that he went to on Tuesday and could not stop raving about how great the food was and how chic the place looked. It was pretty impressive and the waitress was super nice. The food wasn’t my absolute favorite but the shrimp pad thai was yummy and the chicken satay was so-so. I would try it again, take my Mom.  

After dinner I had a sudden and urgent craving for almond cookies. We walked along Brand Blvd stopping in chinese restaurants with no luck. I called my Mom and she said try Whole Foods or Gelsons, so we went to Silverlake Gelsons. Boohoo, they didn’t have them but I happily bumped into my new pals Joice and Hlynur *he’s Icelandic* and they suggested a Chinese place around the corner. Antz went to check while I used Gelson’s potty which is the nicest public restroom I’ve seen.

So when I finished tinkling, Antz had a small brown bag filled with goodness. They were 10 for $1.50, how could such yumminess be so cheap? As I am blogging I am munching my sweet cookies.

No major nursery updates, still waiting for my Sasquash poster to arrive. In baby shower news, I was having guest list issues, I was trying to keep it at 4 tables but one table had 14 guests and it only seats 12. So if I had to add a table, it doesn’t make sense to just seat 2 people so I added 4 more guests and I’m back to 5 tables and 48 guests. It’s actually better because I can invite my old friends and not feel guilty and my seating chart is perfect. Most of my favors, supplies and decorations come in packs of 48 so I won’t need to make any additional purchases. My budget has now increased by $250 but there’s plenty of time to figure it out. So sadly I am 3 weeks behind on my preggo portraits so I’ll have to get busy this weekend. I have been having a pain in my right rib and today while cleaning I felt faint so basically, I’m trying to come up with excuses for looking awful and not being in a photographic mood. I’ll have to endure some wardrobe changes but this weekend I’ll catch up on my weeks. Don’t tell Olivia her Mommy is lame!

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