It’s a bittersweet symphony

Today was a pretty great day. When Antz came home I got a call saying my ring was ready for pick up. I was so excited to get my ring back. We went to the mall to pick it up and *crazy preggo brain* I was looking for my engraving and didn’t see it. The saleswoman was like we can engrave it for you but it will take another 2 weeks. Bummers! Then duh, it dawned on me, this is my engagement ring, my wedding band is engraved! So we had a laugh over that. It looks one thousand times better than before! It looks like they gave me a new band and the setting looks a bit different than my old one but it’s still gorgeous. We went to the Gap to get some new jeans for Antz and then went to Baby Gap. We saw so many adorable outfits, I had to keep pulling Antz out of the Boy’s section. I went there to get a new bra *since I’ve basically outgrown my old ones* but we couldn’t resist getting an outfit for Olivia. They were having a sale on demin so we got her a really sweet outfit.

The socks are from Godmother Aimee. She can’t stop buying cuteness for Olivia. The good thing about buying an outfit today is, I signed up for their Friends & Family event where I can come to the store an hour before they open and get 20% off everything next week. That will save us a bunch.
So all that is the sweet, here’s the bitter…
I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t have a photo booth at our shower. With our finances and trying to think of our future and our bebe first it just doesn’t make sense to spend $800 on photos. I had my cry and whined to Antz and he gave me a pat on the back and a “there, there”. It sucks so hard because I feel like that was making my shower different. I don’t see when I will have the chance to have a photo booth unless we have one for Olivia’s birthday. I was trying to figure out a way to make our own “booth” by putting up a sheet and using a polaroid camera.

It will still allow us to take pics with the guests and give them out at the shower but the photos are only 2 x 3. I actually wanted this camera so it wouldn’t be all bad. Sigh, still have to ask other people to take the pic and that could end up in alot of messed up pics and wasted film. I hope 10 packs is enough. Tomorrow is our doc appt. and I can’t wait to see Olivia in the ultrasound. I also want to talk to my doc about this ridiculous pain on my right rib. It feel like a demon lives in there and scratches its nails against my skin. Now I truly know how Rosemary felt. 🙁

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