Paint Schmaint!

It’s an ongoing saga of painting this tiny 10 x 10 room! We orginally painted the room the second day we moved in here 4 years ago and I don’t recall it being so tedious. So far the day is almost over and we are just on the second coat of primer. We’ll most likely finish on Sunday. It is taking a long time to dry and I read that for the Frog tape to work properly you should take it off while the paint is still wet. Well, if it takes us 2 days to finish painting won’t it be super dry and mess up our trim? Plus I don’t think I taped off the crown molding very straight.

The paint job before

And now after

One perk when your preggo is you can have early birthday cake, we picked up my cake today and I had to have a piece when we got home.

We are busy celebrating my birthday all day tomorrow, first stop Ikea for a bookcase, side table and a mirror, then Morton’s for dinner *can’t wait* and meeting friends for drinks at the Standard. Sunday we are picking up the rest of the furniture but I have no idea where it will go. This is the current state of our living room *warehouse*.

That’s just the crib, the dresser and hutch are twice as big! We aren’t building the furniture until the room is ready since we have to build them in the room. I was supposed to get my printer stand today but no UPS. Maybe tomorrow it’ll come, along with Gap, Amazon, the bedding orders and her Eat Your Peas bib.

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