Fortunate smiles upon us!

This morning we rose nice and early, about 8ish and got started on actual paint! 15 minutes into priming the ceiling I was already tired. I traded trim duty with roller brushing which wasn’t any simpler. I managed to sprinkle paint all over myself but we got the first coat of primer on the ceiling before 9:30!

Yikes, I look like a full on lesbian!

As we let the paint dry and relieved our arm muscles, we drove to Bel Air to pick up the crib, goodbye $750, Hello Olivia’s Oeuf crib!

Totally posh house, here’s the fancy gate.

The husband met us and we saw in his garage he had more boxes that said Oeuf so we mentioned we would like to buy the dresser, hutch and the conversion kit. He was like sure but I need to ask my wife. I called her as we were leaving and she said she’ll be home in 2 minutes so we waited for her. She said we could take the dresser, hutch and changing pad for $1400. I said sold! but because the other boxes were so large we’ll have to go back on Sunday with help to pick everything up. In fact the crib is so heavy we had to stop at Lowes on the way home and buy a dolly. It was only $45 and I’m sure we’ll get future use out it. We are super stoked we are saving about $600! I also love that I don’t have to wait around for delivery.
Now I have to find a nice mattress. I think I’m sold on this guy Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless Crib Mattress, just hope it’s thick enough.

Now if we could just get this room painted we could actually complete her nursery before June 🙂

The family selling the furniture were super nice and their house was rad! I have to ask our friend Chris to go with us on Sunday to help Antz pick up the rest of the furniture. SUPER STOKED!!

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