Things to Do Before I’m Due

Seems like I can’t focus on what I need to get done in such short amount of time. I try to stay organized and keep lists of what has to be done but waiting on the tax refund, the arrival of packages and the limited amount of time Antz has to work on the big stuff, I don’t seem to be crossing off many items on my list. It’s been a whirlwind since February when Antz got his bonus. The first priority is finishing the nursery.

Things to Do Before I’m Due:

Touch up paint – Baseboards, razor the paint on the windows and french door.

Install the doorknob – nearly killed Antz but he got it on!

Wash/Wax floors

Install curtain rod/curtains

Open the second window *decided not to do this, one window is fine*

Build furniture *on hold until we get the Flip* Got the Flip, need to edit the video!

Order the rest of the furniture *once we receive the tax refund* Got tax refund Friday, Whoo Hoo!

Repair closet light *kitchen light and install floodlights in the backyard too*

Wash/put away all her clothes *I bought Dreft detergent yesterday but I’m too scared to wash anything because I might shrink or ruin them*

Finish painting/frame *Antz*

So I won’t feel so bad about our progress, let’s take a look at what we have done:

Removed popcorn ceiling *Antz worked so hard and him doing it saved us $500*

Paint nursery *the pictures don’t do it justice but the room is so much brighter and feels larger*

I taped off the floor with the furniture measurements so we can get a better idea of the floorplan. The chair looks so tiny but in person it’s huge.

Tonight Antz will touch up the threshold and put the doorknob on.

Purchase furniture *Oeuf Crib, changing dresser, hutch and changing pad*

The sad state of our warehouse living room. All this needs to be built but we may start on the office chair and the 2 shelves this weekend.

Organized and cleaned out closet

This is my hubby’s side *poor thing looks like he has no clothes*

Here is Olivia’s tiny nook, I am sure it will fill up in no time.

This morning Antz took apart and cleaned the ceiling fan so now it looks 100% better.

I really didn’t want to keep the fan in her nursery *Antz uses it all the time but he can’t when the bebe is in there* I would love the Knappa lamp from Ikea

I just couldn’t get rid of a $700 ceiling fan and we had an electrician install it so it would be really a hassle to take it down. I suppose when she gets older we’ll move Antz office out so then I’ll change the light fixture. The good thing about the ceiling fan is there is a dimmer so when I use it, the light will be subtle.

Now I have the rest of my house. We made a huge step in getting the new stove and microwave and soon we’ll have the garage roof repaired but our plumbing is retarded! I also bought new curtains for the living room and plan to buy these for the fireplace

I found this set at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Antz sister gets 20% off. I still haven’t found a candle holder I like but I need something before the baby shower. I also need to start watering the grass daily again so it will grow back. It’s doing so well in certain parts of the yard but not on the lawn.

We desperately need a new/bigger bed. We took a gamble and bought another Ikea bed although we vowed not after our old one from the apartment. Of course, it’s breaking and the “wood” is peeling like a sticker. We need to upgrade to a king, although I don’t know how well it would fit in this tiny bedroom. I also could use a new mattress while we are at it, which means new linens and featherbed. The list never seems to end. I just love the beds at W hotels and everytime we stay at one I am saying to myself, there is no reason I couldn’t be this comfortable in my own home. We are both practically 6 feet and our dog and cat tend to sleep with us which makes for a tight squeeze in this queen. I’ll probably have to put that on our list of things to do next February.

Yay! Mr. UPS just came by with a package from the Gap!! I am expecting Amazon on Monday.

Nursing pajamas

I was worried about the fit of the tops because I ordered a smaller size but because they are stretchy I have plenty of room. When the Gap says these pajamas are supersoft, they are not kidding. They feel like cashmere without the itchy heat. I am going to pack my hospital suitcase later. 🙂 I want more packages!!

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